Sunday, May 8, 2011

Advantages of Linux.


We all are aware of Operating Systems (OS). Operating systems today have made working on computers very simple, Operating systems with GUI's have made computers reach, the basic level of society. It has become so popular amongst every using level, be it commercial or personnel. This has given a boost to the IT world to pursue making it more effecient and an easy way to make a BUCK by maintaining a dominancy in the market. I would like to debate on the same, while I favour the Linux operating system, may this post help you in saving a BUCK from your pocket.

Few lines on LINUX...

GNU/Linux or normally known as Linux is an Operating system which is present in the IT mart since early nineties. The Linux operating system has acquired level much higher than (Microsofts OS). Linux if at all compared Monetary wise with Microsoft, you get Linux absolutely free of cost, while u have to pay a recurring and an additional cost to have multiple users. In the line of cost benefit Linux also provides its users a 100% virus free environment while Microsoft OS has to be supported by a dozen of cost attracting anti-virus, which donot provide 100% gurantee to your system. There are hundreds of anti-virus patches released today and thousands waiting to get released by ordianry developers. Users donot have to wait on a single firm to have it released.

Every aspect of the operating system can be controlled by Linux, this is what I call choice freedom. Two major features, you have control of your desktops look and feel by way of numerous Window Managers, and the kernel. In Windows, you either stick using boring default desktop theme, or risking corruption or failure by installing a third-party shell.

There are so many software choices when it comes to doing any specific task. There are so many options just for editing text on the command-line due to the open source nature of Linux. Users and programmers contribute applications all the time. Sometimes its a simple modification or feature enhancement of a already existing piece of software, sometimes its a brand new application. You search for an application and you get them in hundreds may be thousands and still the list goes on. Linux has the best feature of all above, it has its source code open any user having programming language can edit it for better for the enhancement of the product, instead of relying on a single firm.

If you ask me about the hardware requirement for insatalling Linux. I will suggest you to bring any old computer with hardly any RAM Linux will run on that machine without any problem. You can make use of it as a firewall, a Server, a back-up server. So now that u have got a edge over Windows with Linux, I will recommend you to go an enhance your self and your machine with Linux.

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