Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hospital with no Hospitality !

Once upon a time there was very good hospital in Mulund with name 'Wockhardt', but due to undisclosed reasons management sold whole setup to 'Fortis'....
With impression of Wokhardt I got admitted in Fortis Mulund hospital to get my '4 Vessel DSA' test done. The staff in hospital is so arrogant that for a moment I thought 'I am a prisoner and taking treatment in civil hospital'........
DSA is a kind of Angiography and atleast 4 hours fasting is required for this test. As per their directions I got admitted at 9 o'clock in the morning with having my breakfast at 7; They told me that Doctor will start Angiography at 1 o'clock in afternoon , but that 'Late Latiff' doctor came at 4 o'clock, which was not informed to us and I was rolling on bed with hunger !!!!
I had already anticipated 'AVM' in my brain and I was very much ready for this news, but after detecting AVM the first question that doctor asked me was "How much mediclaim do you have?"
I said : " You don't worry about it, tell me the result of DSA"
Doctor: " The malformation in your brain is called AVM."
I said: "  Arterio Venous Malformation.... but what treatment do you suggest?"
Doctor: " It seems you are aware of kind of treatments !"
I said: " Yes but I am not a Doctor,... what do you suggest?"
Doctor: "I think Your Dad and wife are waiting for me out side.. I will talk to them!!!
I couldn't hear what he said, but could make out from my dad's and wife's face what must have happened... Dad went out to inform others at home, what doctor said and wife came to me with tears in her eyes... as soon as I reached my room, after a long wait, I could see all my relatives and friends coming over to see me... which made me all the more sick... And my Dad was standing there with a Quotation given by Doctor...
That time I got the exact meaning of Sanskrit Subhashit :

वैद्यराज नमस्तुभ्यं यमराज सहोदरः
यमस्तु हरति प्राणान् त्वं तू प्राणान् धनानि च।।

(Patient  with patience) Vishal

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