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Ancient Indian Spatial and Geographical Knowledge ,an Analysis (Translation of a previous article by Vishal Ranadive)

Not only as a birth place of a bunchful of religions but also a place with thousands of years of History of civilizations is what we know about India, Although a land of a vast array of Rituals the most striking feature of these rituals is being Science or Atleast Geographic orientation of them. examples of which can be seen as the "Vastushastra" literally the Science of laying the Rules for building an permenant establishment like a house, a factory or a Shop.In a way, Vastushastra manifests some of the earliest Architectural Traditions and rules. it's only due to this background that I get a question in my mind since I was a child "what came first???,The Magnet or the Direction???"
                        out of some curiosity research reading I did on the very same subject I came accross a wonderful book "Vastava Ramayana" (Actual Ramayana) by Dr.P.V.Vartak (A known authority on the ancient epic of India), this book gave a difinitve start and a fix direction to my research on the same issue I mentioned in the first paragraph.I found out my Notes and writings I had written on the topic about a week ago, So in a short way lets see how ancient Hindus used to fix the directions before performing there sacred rituals and erecting some of the ancient indian marvels
                                   as we know, In ramayana RAVANA the Demon had abducted SITA ,wife of the Prince of AYODHYA lord RAMA, while they were spending there time of 14 years of exile in Panchavati (near modern day town of Nashik in Maharashtra state), on knowing that a Demon took sita ,Rama asked for help of the King of the VANARA TRIBE SUGREEVA to mobilize his resources and locate the exact location where sita was taken by the demon.Sugreeva used his massive force of Vanara's to locate the location of sita, here comes an acurate and beautiful mention of directions given to the Vanaras by the King Sugreeva for finding sita.

In Kishkindha sarg 40 Sugreeva defines the Direction East to the Commander of his Army Veenata as follows

त्रिशिराः कांचनः केतुः तालः तस्य महात्मनः ।
स्थापितः पर्वतस्य अग्रे विराजति स वेदिकः ॥४-४०-५३॥

Meaning :- As important as it is ,It looks like a Huge Golden TAALA TREE,Established on the Initial Outerside of the mountain

He furthur says,

पूर्वस्याम् दिशि निर्माणम् कृतम् तत् त्रिदशेश्वरैः ।
ततः परम् हेममयः श्रीमान् उदय पर्वतः ॥४-४०-५४॥
तस्य कोटिः दिवम् स्पृष्ट्वा शत योजनम् आयता ।
जातरूपमयी दिव्या विराजति स वेदिका ॥४-४०-५५॥

Which Means , The "Tri-dashesasvaraa" has constructed this trident sign
(Taala Vriksha) in the east, behind which lies the loft Golden (Hemamaya) Udaya Mountain whose peaks Rise as tall and lofty as a 100 Yojanams and they radiate a nice radient golden light. Surprisingly the Sign of the Trident or the TAALA TREE mentioned by the Sugreeva turns out to be the "Trident sign" in PERU where it is known as the PARACAS CANDELABRA (The Candle stand).... eaxctly having the lofty Andese Mountains behind this Sign Corrborates the fact and the mention of UDAYA MOUNTAIN made by SUGREEVA to Veenata. Sugreeva furthur guides him the way to reach this sign of the EAST DIRECTION as

नदीम् भागीरथीम् रम्याम् सरयूम् कौशिकीम् तथा || ४-४०-२० ||
कालिंदीम् यमुनाम् रम्याम् यामुनम् च महागिरिम् |
सरस्वतीम् च सिंधुम् च शोणम् मणि निभ उदकम् ||४-४०-२१ ||
महीम् कालमहीम् चैव शैल कानन शोभिताम् |
ब्रह्ममालान् विदेहान् च मालवान् काशि कोसलान् ||४-४०-२२ ||
मागधाम् च महाग्रामान् पुण्ड्रान् अंगाम् तथैव च |
भूमिम् च कोशकाराणाम् भूमिम् च रजत आकराम् ||४-४०-२३ ||

(Sugreeva Telling Veenata) look at the BHAGIRATHI ,SHARAYU,KAUSHIK Rivers, look at the river YAMUNA Originating in the MAHAGIRI MOUNTAINS flowing thorugh the KALINDIM RANGES, look at SARASVATI ,SINDHU,SHONAM Rivers whose waters are like pearls.look at MAHIM and KALAMAHIM Rivers beautified by the Jungles, look at the great empires of BRAHMAMALAN, KASHI,MALAVAN and KOSALAN, look at the Metropolis like MAGADHA, it has the towns of PUNDRAN and ANGAM near it, look at the land of silkworkers (Silk producing areas) and Silver (RAJATA) Mines.
Accordingly while guiding Veenata "how to find and go to east direction" Sugreeva mentions all areas to the NORTH of the VINDHYA MOUNTAIN RANGES and to the EAST of the MIGHTY YAMUNA RIVER, After the mentioning great empires of BRAHMAMALAN,MALAVAN,KOSALAN ,MAGADHA,ANGAM he asks Veenata to look for the silk and silver producing areas surprisingly resembling to Modern day Burma (Myanmar). and again the furthur Description given by Sugreeva to veenata resembles to the description of Sayam,Southern China, Japan and some marks in the Pacific ocean before Veenata could reach the " Mark of the east direction" i.e the "TAALA VRIKSHA" Sign or the PARACAS CANDELABRAS or the PERUVIAN TRIDENT on the WESTERN PERU COAST MOUNTAINS HAVING THE MIGHTY ANDESE BEHIND THEM (Mentioned as UDAYA MOUNTAINS)


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