Sunday, September 23, 2012

Foreign direct investment (FDI)

By the law of Money conservation 'money can be neither generated nor destroyed. However can be change from one form to another or can be transfer from country to foreign '.... Eating money means change of form or transfer of money in any official process assigned  .... as form changed money is hazards to keep, it is normally transferred ....By the unwritten law of politics, you have to transfer money in first three years of your five year regime ...... Then in next one year bring back some part of it and improve economical condition to gain public support for upcoming election ....'Foreign direct investment' is good practice to bring back your transferred money .... Initially settle your close relative in foreign, then establish a company via them and after that invest back your transferred money to country by 'Foreign Direct Investment' scheme .... profit made by this investment can be bought back to initial state... Although above imposed rules and procedures are thoroughly observed and tested, it is advisable to follow under experts guidance.... writer of this article will not be held responsible for any undesired results....
Yours,(Economist) Vishal

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