Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SAP System Monitoring via Android

Seamless connectivity to monitor SAP servers via mobile device is really revolutionary. I always used to dream about monitoring my system farm by seating at Miami beach.
Today I came across SAP AG's android application 'SAP System Monitoring' on Google Play. I was happy like a child who got his x'mas gift from Santa. In description it says “With the SAP System Monitoring mobile app for Android, you can monitor availability, performance, and exceptions of important systems in the landscape anywhere and anytime. This app connects to the SAP Solution Manager application management solution and allows administrators to check alerts and monitor metrics right from their Android device.” I was in seventh heaven, and immediately downloaded the application.
After download, I understood that it requires SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform) to connect to solution manager..... and I landed back from my dream as I don't have SUP in my landscape. Now I have to postpone my Miami trip till SUP gets implemented in my landscape ;-)
One thing I didn't understand is why this application need permission to read Phone Identity and records??

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