Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bloody Middle Class

Living like a second citizen in your own country is like piles in the ass (sorry for my language Sibal, this sorry doesn't mean that I am polite but trying to save my self by becoming 3rd citizen). The Indian economy has been built in last 10 years such a way that all 'bloody middle class' will be kicked out of country (no offence to other Sardars).
The middle class in India now a days can not even buy new house (congratulations if you are buying new property, you are no more middle class) or send your child to good school (yes to keep your false ego, good school is which doesn't follow SSC or CBSC). The main reason is your country does not require you any more. They are right, you are good for nothing... you bloody are not eligible for any reservation. Don't go for voting too and keep wondering why congress is in power!!!! 
Trust me living like a second citizen in foreign country is far better than living in India.....
(Bloody middle class) Vishal

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